Robin Barré
CEO / Founder

“As a fearless entrepreneur, my tenacity has served as fuel for the drive through the ever-evolving world of couture!”


Robin Barré, designer and CEO of Artizan has always had a mission… to make ALL women, regardless of age, size or budget, feel Fabulous!

Robin spent her late teens and twenties in the Montreal

Fashion business as a model, to pay her way through University. She was very discouraged by the manner in which the industry perceived and treated women. She felt that he fashion industry as a whole, was not inclusive, and she hoped that one day she would help make the industry a “kinder” and more “accepting” place.

Upon graduating from both Concordia and McGill Universities, Robin began a very successful teaching career at the high school level. With a very progressive approach and “out of the box” thinking.

After giving birth to her first child, she started a home based business creating hand made beeswax candles

and jewelry! Shortly thereafter, she opened her first boutique, Artizan,(in keeping with her roots as an artisan)!

Within a few years, Artizan had grown an impressive wholesale division, with over 1500 points of sale across Canada! Simultaneously,  Artizan retail, grew into a driving force in the accessories industry, with 15 boutiques in international airports in North America!

Having spent significant  time in her airport boutiques, Robin learned valuable feedback from her clients! They were asking for: on trend, versatile affordable  fashion suitable far all women.

Ten years ago, Robin feels like the apparel business found her, and she began designing ready-to-wear collections for her boutiques and wholesale clients. She quickly expanded into a full line of apparel, accessories, scarves, fashion jewelry, hand bags, etc. to provide an amazing head to toe look!

A few years later, she was discovered by an executive from TSC, (Today’s Shopping Choice) at a trade show! Since then, Artizan by Robin  Barré, has become a beloved and top selling fashion brand on TSC!

Robin’s fans and followers have created the Artizan “Sisterhood” and embraced Robin’s message of positivity! Robin has used her television and huge social media presence, as a platform to promote wellness and self empowerment! She promises to do her utmost to make ALL women feel beautiful and accepted with her credo of “inclusiveness” and “accessibility”!  She promotes both age positivity and body positivity and the message that “we are all perfectly imperfect”!

Artizan by Robin Barré has recently partnered with EVINE in the United States, and is elated to be welcoming more women into the Artizan Sisterhood!