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New Bottoms

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New F/W tops

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Buy $100 Gift Card and you’ll receive a second  $25 Gift Card for yourself!

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Please join us on Facebook @Artizan by Robin Barré and Instagram @robinbarreartizan for our weekly mother daughter dance reels!

They are sure to make you smile!

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Friday night is ladies night with Montreals number 1 radio host Donna Saker, and the fabulous fashion expert Robin Barre! Join us for some great fashions, girl talk and lots of laughs! Live on the artizanbyrobinbarre Facebook page @ 6pm EST!

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Daily fashions vlogs hosted by Robin Barré, brining the sisterhood a fabulous and wearable outfit of the day and amazing tyle tips for women over 40!

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Please join our incomperable online community of positive, kind sisters. Every Thursday we post our wall of fame highlighting some of our beautiful brand ambassadors! Please feel free to send in your images to info@artizanfashion.com.

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